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Altliens NFT Art

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Is Altliens just another Alien PFP NFT?

In October 2021 i had an operation for cancer in my neck. I had 5 weeks of radiation therapy, I lost 20 kgs (44lbs) & couldn’t eat for 2 months. I found it really tough! So, 10% of Altliens Profits are going to Cancer Charities.

Altliens Cancer Charity

Normally i work with my brother as visual artists Pistache (Our client list includes the NBA, Reebok, American Apparel, Jeep, Michael Kors etc). We’re also tattoo artists Indigenous Tattoo. So, as you can guess, i normally do a lot of drawing!

Altliens Nft Story Pistache

The painkillers and lack of food gave me some crazy dreams, with this little alien visiting me. This sketch was the first thing i drew when i started to get my energy back at the beginning of January 2022.

Altliens Opensea NFT

It inspired me to create the Altliens NFT project, but i didn’t just want to create a code generated collection. I wanted it to be a bit more original and artistic. So each character is Hand Drawn (not composed of Photoshop layers).

NFT Crypto

My kids kept my mental health on track, i love them so much. A lot of the rarest Altliens NFTs have been hand colored by my kids during my recovery.

NFT Giveaway

A big shout out to anyone going through rough times mentally or physically. Especially anyone who doesn’t have the support system that i do. Join our Community and lets support each other 🙂

NFT Artist

For people who prefer classic looking PFP NFTs, we’ve also manually colored some of the Altliens using Photoshop. They’re still Unique 1/1 NFTS.

Altliens Crypto Artists

Why should i buy an Altliens NFT?

– 10% Profits from Altliens is going to Cancer Charities.

What’s better than helping people who need it? Nothing.

– Altliens Owners Win Prizes & NFTs

We will be keeping some Altliens NFTs to Giveaway as prizes and drops for our community. We’ll also be giving away original paintings, drawings and merch to Owners.

– Own Exclusive Rights to your Altliens NFT Artwork

Owners get Full Commercial Rights to their Altliens NFT and the Artwork. While you own the NFT, you can sell the artwork on products like t-shirts, art prints & phone cases etc.

– Access to an Exclusive Linktree

Owners can unlock access to an exclusive Linktree where we’re going to add all kinds of perks for Altliens Owners.

– Join & Build the Altliens Community

Your Altliens NFT acts as a Membership card to our community.

– Use your Altlien as your online avatar

Show everyone that you own an Altlien by using it as your avatar on your social media and beyond into the Metaverse.

– Invest in Altliens NFTs

Our initial sale price is 0.005-0.009 ETH on Polygon. So it’s a low risk and potentially large reward investment. Polygon is excellent as it’s massively reduced the fees for investing in NFTs.

Digital Art

What’s the Roadmap for Altliens NFTs?

Now that my brother is onboard and this is an official Pistache Project, we can take it to the next level.

NFT Art Artists
* NBA Commissioned Sneakers by Pistache

We’re not going to just let this project fade away like a lot of NFT creators who are just looking to cash in on NFTs. We have a proven track record of delivering on projects for some of the world’s best brands (like the NBA, Reebok & Quiksilver).

Crypto Art

Altliens will release some exclusive Artist Collab NFTs into the collection.

On our Owners Only Linktree (not our main linktree), we’ll be releasing all kinds of exclusive activities, giveaways, competitions and other fun stuff!


To Keep it original, we’re going to continue creating and uploading our NFTs by hand, not using algorithms and coding. We’re aiming to create up to 10000 maximum supply of Altliens NFTs. Since we’re going to do it all by hand, it might end up being 1000 or 5000. So your Altliens NFT could end up being even more rare!

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